• Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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PUREBLISS Cattery Producing the Hybrid Kittens of the Future. Type, temperament, and a stunning pelt come together producing kittens of outstanding quality. Tim and Jacky Bliss are working with a handful of trustworthy reputable breeders towards an exciting future in breeding - from F1 generation hybrids through to full breed. We have a screening programme in place for PK(def) and HCM. page updated 14th July 2017.

We are based on the boarders of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, England. Click to Email

FOR SALE - stunning, playful, friendly, Kittens. £450 pet price, £495 pet price, £600 pet price, £900 pet price and £1,200 pet price - enquire for breeding price.

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queens and studs are being retired this year and looking for their forever homes. Including some young cats that have not bred or only had one litter. There will be a charge of £200 each or £350 each for our retired breeding girls and boys. Details / Photos of retired adult cats available for reservation Kittens under evaluation for breeding programmes - Click here to view the kittens we are running on with a view to being part of our/another breeding programme.
We hold a DWA licence for cats with 50% wild blood and above.
We hold an Environmental Health Licence for our boarding cattery.

With the Bengal coming from a cross between the domestic cat and the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC), it would be very easy for the breed to inherit the problems there are in some cat and dog breeds as a result of too much in-breeding. 

Luckily with the Bengal Cat, there have been numerous ALC’s used in the creation of the breed over the years, and even now, new lines of ALC’s are being introduced such as Safarii (Bertie), Alcom, Gucci, Tia, and Alca. we sometimes have F1, F2, and F3 generation male and female bengals available for reservation under the Awilddream, and Purebliss prefix.

The ALC’s in the lines of our cats include, Abu, Art Deco, Baghara (Sergura) Khan, Bonzai, Feliz, Kabuki, Kubla Khan, Maia Wild Heritage, Phantom, Rajah Singh, Stoney (Hatfield ALC), Tariq, Taro, our own Safarii (Bertie), Gucci, and Tia.


Arcticbengals Mimi screened clear of HCM

SGC Purebliss Glacier screened negative for HCM at 10 years old!

Purebliss Pawsonality screened clear of HCM

Purebliss Kizer Shizer screened clear of HCM

Purebliss Chapter screened clear of HCM

Purebliss Poppycock screened clear of HCM

CH Infinite Purrbliss screened clear of HCM

Purebliss Flash Dance screened clear of HCM

Purebliss Daft Aputh screened clear of HCM

Lustrelure Celestial Swirl screened clear of HCM

Mistybliss Adventures screened clear of HCM

RW SGC Purebliss Pleasuredome screened negative for HCM 

SGC Purebliss Glacier screened negative for HCM

QGC Purebliss Valour screened negative for HCM 

RW QGC Purebliss Cybernaught screened negative for HCM 

TGC Purebliss Optimus Prime screened negative for HCM 

RW SGC Purebliss Gunner screened negative for HCM

CH Purebliss Tick Tock screened negative for HCM

CH Purebliss Strumpet screened negative for HCM

Purebliss Bungalow Bill screened negative for HCM 

Purebliss Fiction screened negative for HCM 

CH Purebliss Hunting Girl screened negative for HCM 

Dazzledots Private Dancer screened negative for HCM 

Gazette Doughnut screened negative for HCM 

Finegold Iduvi screened negative for HCM 

Abundadots Katolat of Purebliss screened negative for HCM 

Indykatz Major Bliss screened negative for HCM 

CHA Purebliss Dejavu screened negative for HCM by previous owner, Jayne Crouch