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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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We love hybrid cats! Not because they are wild, or huge, which they aren´t, but because their personalities and charm are different! The Bengal is your personal living-room Leopard Cat, the Savannah cat is your long-limbed cuddly friend with a hint of the high-jump. They are, for better or worse, cats, and you just have to love them. And if you don´t like cats, work on it. Life´s not complete without them.

Situated on the boarders of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, and only 10 mins from Leicestershire boarder in England, UK, we have a love of all cats, but our passion is the hybrids, which we breed and show. Our priority is producing healthy kittens that develop into happy, loving, friendly cats, without loosing sight of the cat desired for the future.

SAVANNAHS - click here to view our Savannnah Cat /Kitten Awards

March 2007 we visited A1 Savannahs in USA, where we met Joyce Shrouffe, and Martin & Kathrin Stucki who were amazing hosts and allowed us an insight into their breeding programme. We didn't hesitate in arranging to import Savannahs into the UK. We have sinced been working with Per and Tove Ingrid Leines Lausund with the prefix of Arcticbliss to forward the Savannah breed - Uk and Norway working together to produce wonderful Savannahs.


BENGALS - click here to view some of the awards gained by our Bengal Cats and KIttens.

In year 2000 we adopted our first Bengal Queen and fell in love with her. Unfortunately, due to a personal health problem, we had a break from breeding for a short time. However, in 2003 we decided to start breeding Bengals to show. Many thanks to Emma and Simon who gave us the opportunity for Bushfire Blissi to join Purebliss Bengals. Blissi was our first show queen in 2003, her success turned our hobby into our passion for the Bengal breed. Blissi is now neutered, retired and living a happy life as a pet in Lincolnshire, we often see her when she spends her holidays with us in our private boarding cattery, licenced by the Environmental Health of our local authority.



We joined our friends Mike and Gill Heaton to play a small part in the advancement of the Toyger breed. A fascinating breed so different from the Bengals and Savannahs. As well as registering and showing Toygers with TICA we are helping take the Toyger breed forward with GCCF and helping on the committee of the Toyger Cat Club affiliated with GCCF.



As Purebliss are reduceing our Bengals, Savannahs, and Toygers, this wonderful breed is taking over at Purebliss. We have the honour of working with Gill / Mike Heaton, Julie Morris, and Tove Ingrid Leines Lausand, reliable breeders of good standing in the advancement of the New Breed of Marguerite / SAND CAT HYBRID. We now have consistant fertility with our F2 generation male Marguerites, and are breeding Marguerite to Marguerite to produce excellant type in our new breed of Marguerite.



Tim Bliss is a retired Civil Engineer who worked for the railways of the UK for 25 years, and his passion was and is the Railways of Great Britain, although he has a great interest in the railways of North America.

We have 2 daughters, Vicky and Katey who are both now married with children of their own.

Our thanks go to our good friend Clive Woods, without whom we would not have been able to teach ourselves how to design and update our website. Clive helped us design our website, and with his patience and kindness, we learned to adapt and update our site ourselves.

Many thanks to our good friend Ian Turner-Smithson for spending so many hours modernising our Purebliss site for us, and for all the patience required to show me how to adapt my existing files.

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