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On this page we would like to show you photos of some of the Asian Leopard Cats we have had the honour and enjoyment of spending our life with.

page updated June 2017.

This is Alcom and Alca, although Alcom's rosetting is flashier than Alca's, they are both rosetted. compare these ALC's to Bertie shown below who is also an ALC of a different sub-species, used in our Bengal breeding programme.
Below are a few photos of Tim playing with our Leopard Cats (ALC's).

The below photos are of Alca, girlfriend of Alcom. Gorgeous whited underside - puffy nose leather - puffy whisker pades (see the incisors whithout seeing the incisors) - good strong chin.

No abrupt lines - no pointed nose.

Length of head nose leather to ears - 1/3rd is nose leather to bottom of eye - 2/3rd is made up of bottom of eye to ears.

Below are photos of Bertie, our hybridizing ALC.

These photos are of Bertie our hybridizing ALC. Rosetted arrowhead spots - Beautifully rounded ears - Whited tummy with white in his facial marking - strong muscular body. His head is small in proportion to his long body although, this doesn't in any way mean that it is fine boned, as the ALC has a strong powerful scull.

Look at his amazing nocternal eyes - the trademark of the bengal!

take a look at his spotted tail, this is why we like to see spots inbetween the rings on the tails of our bengals. There are no straight lines on this boy, everything is gentle curves, and this is due to his scull being covered in flesh. His profile goes straighter when he snarls which stretches out the flesh on his head. Bear in mind Bertie is a fully grown male ALC.
Photos below are of Gucci, and as you can see from his photos he also has his individual looks. Wonderful rounded ears, large nocternal eyes, gorgeous pelt with lovely rosetting, and a long powerful body. The below photos show clearly that the doming of the skull is towards the back of the ears and not on top of the head. The photos have been taken showing how his face changes from calmly being fed to protective with his food and then calming down again - no straight lines to his profile!
Below are photos of Tia - girlfriend of Gucci (shown above). They are a stunning pair of Leopard Cats. Gucci takes food from most people. Tia is so bonded with Tim that she allows him in with her and her cubs so long as he doesn't touch until its time for them to leave her.
Below are some of the cubs that Gucci and Tia have given us.