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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

Titles /Awards - this page shows some of the awards that our cats at Purebliss Cattery have gained over the years - up dated February 2017.


click here for more information on our Savannah Awards

RW SGC Arcticbliss Eydis(SV)
CH Arcticbliss Lotus Blossom (SV)
CH Purebliss Jasmine(SV)




SGA Purebliss Pookie

SGCA, QGC Starstudded Razzle

CH Purebliss Poppycock
QGC Purebliss Kudos
CH(GCCF) Purebliss Prophecy
GC Purebliss Giggelo kelsar
CH Purebliss Hunting Girl
CH Purebliss Marie Rose
CH Purebliss Gladys
CH Purebliss Ryme N Reason
CH Purebliss Nevica Isis
CHA Purebliss Majic
CH Purebliss Goodnight
CH Purebliss Silver Lady




DGC Awilddream Dessert Storm


HouseHold Pet (HHP) Awards - shown below

RW Icebabybliss
RW DGM Pegleg of Purebliss
RW Supermouse
RW Waves of Purebliss

Household pet awards are based on their temperament and behaviour as well as their condition and appeal to the judges. These are pets that have come about from our breeding.

Jack has brain damage due to a very high temperature, and now lives with a wonderful family.

Spotless is a much loved pet of Carol and Richard Payne.

Waves lives her life as a much loved pet, as does Wannabe, and Snippet.

Pegleg unfortunately had to have her leg amputated due to an accident when she was a kitten but she doesn't let it stop her.

Cinders just loved the world and everyone in it.

Cats NOT bred by Jacky Bliss or Tim Bliss

These are cats that are, or have been in our breeding programme's that have been bred by another breeder that have acheived awards/titles whilst we have owned them. We may not have bred them but we nevertheless are proud of them.

CH Mistymogwai Sergeant Pepper CH Panashe of Purebliss