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RW SGM Blaze of Glory (aka Snippet)

Just love this boy - what a character he is! So demanding for attention, he insists on being loved. When very young, Snippet struggled for his life and Sally helped me keeping him alive - it was Sally that got him to eat his first meal, so we both love him and we both own him, although he lives at Purebliss. Snippet has an inverted sternum, although it isn't too bad and was no risk to his health when he was neutered. Snippets mum, Blaze is also neutered.

Snippet is a lynx point with gorgeous blue eyes - just take a look at this stunning boy.

Fantastica TICA cat show in Thornbury, UK June 27th-28th 2015.

Saturday - Best HHP Cat with Marylise de Landtsheer // Best HHP Cat with Barbara Kissinger // Best HHP Cat with Theresa Kempton // 3rd Best HHP Cat with Jane Allen // Best SP HHP Cat with Steven Corneille // Best SP HHP Cat with Nicki Fenwick-Raven............................ Sunday - 2nd Best HHP with MDL // Best HHP with BK // Best HHP with TK // 3rd Best HHP with JA // Best HHP with SC // Best HHP with NFR.

VanTICA cat show in Milton Keynes, UK - June 6th-7th 2015.

Saturday - Best HHP with Pascale Portelas // 3rd Best HHP with Pascale Remy // Best HHP with Brigitte Berthelon // Best HHP with Franziska Gagern // Best HHP with Irene Van Belzen....................... Sunday - Best HHP with Steven Corneille // 2nd Best HHP with PP // 4th Best HHP with PR // Best HHP with IVB // 2nd Best HHP with JA // Best SP HHP with BB // 2nd Best HHP with FG // Best HHP with SC.



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