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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery


page updated 16th May 2018

Choose the kitten of your choice, place £200 non-returnable deposit, we will microchip your kitten, and give you her/his details on a typed/signed deposit form. You can then keep in touch requesting photos and updates about your kitten before collecting him/her on the agreed date once vaccinations are complete. click here to view GORGEOUS BENGAL KITTENS FOR SALE


Marguerites available - a new breed being taken forward in TICA - A WORLD FIRST FOR THE UK!

FOR SALE - Very pretty snow spotted Marguerite female kitten available for reservation.

click here for more photos

MALE TOYGER KITTENS born in February 2018 - available for reservation - details and photos



Bengal, and Savannah kittens will receive their litter registrations once we have proof of neutering from new owners vet - Microchip number MUST be included on paperwork from vet. Purebliss are happy to have your kitten of choice neutered for you providing costs are covered by new owner.

MARGUERITES DO NOT leave us before 4 months old to ensure their good health after neutering.

Type and temperament combine to deliver Kittens of outstanding quality by Purebliss producing the Kittens of the future. With the exception of Marguerites, Purebliss Kittens leave us at 13 weeks of age having been microchipped and received vaccinations against Flu and Enteritis, a course of worm and flea control and insured for 4 weeks with petplan. All our kittens are registered with TICA and you will receive a signed pedigree when you take home your kitten. All our kittens are socialised with our family and friends. We do not allow our kittens to leave early or without vaccinations. We reserve the right to delay the day of a kittens rehoming if we are not happy for the kitten to leave our care at that time.

Available / For Sale - means this kitten is available for sale on a first-come first-serve basis.

Reserved - means that someone has put down a deposit / holding fee with a view to purchase this kitten.

On hold - means that we are holding this kitten for evaluation, but feel free to enquire as it may become available.

Sold - means full amount has been paid.

Kittens are priced individually according to type, coat pattern rosettes, spots and definition - please enquire for prices.

We may offer a £50 discount for people wanting to buy two pets for company, as our kittens have lots of energy, and love to play.

Non-refundable holding fee/deposit reserves the kitten of your choice.

There are no cash refunds for any reason, however, we may replace a kitten in extreme cases.

There is a contract on all our kittens and cats for their welfare. It is agreed that any kittens sold on the active register are not sold or given to anyone else for breeding purposes.

TOYGER and MARGUERITE PET KITTENS that leave us will be neutered before leaving us for their new homes.