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Purebliss Bengal Queens

Meet our gorgeous Bengal Queens, click onto their highlighted details or photo to view their own page with their bengal pedigree and photos. We make every effort to adopt the queens to produce bengal kittens of the type, coat and temperament we consider the future of the Bengal Cat - A domestic cat with the look of it's wild ancestors.

page updated November 2017

Maddie is a brown spotted F1 generation bengal queen with fabulous type and a rosetted pelt. Her spotted legs and tail, and also nocternal eyes ensure that "wild" look.

Maddie is Tim's girl - she waits until everyone has gone home as she knows Tim will be round with her supper and a cuddle!


Flappy is a stunning F1 generation bengal female. Love her eyes! Love her rosettes! Love her puffy nose leather!

Such a "wild" look with her spotted legs and tail, also her nocternal eyes. Look at how high the white comes up on her face, a sign that she will keep that white tummy of hers, ensuring that "wild" look. The "whited tummy" is often talked about in the bengal and Savannah breeding world, but there is the domestic white, and the wild white which are two entirely different things.

Arcticbengals Mimi is a gorgeous rosetted Brown Spotted Bengal female. She loves all kittens, hers or one she adopts/borrows from another queen. Mimi is soon to be neutered, if you feel you can offer this sweet softie of a girl a permanant loving home please contact us.
Clairedelune Starlight - Many thanks to Helen Curry for my gorgeous Silver Snow girl.


These photos are simple snapshots that we've taken in our cattery and home.