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CH Purebliss Tick Tock - Bengal Queen

Purebliss Tick Tock is a rosetted brown spotted bengal female with a wonderful sweet playful nature - she does have a loud voice when telling her friends all about her show weekends. TT is now living with our friend Tracy Baker in the south of England. Tick Tock doesn't carry snow.

HCM screened negative! PK def screened N/N which confirms that Tick Tock is normal and doesn't carry it.

Sire: QGC Purebliss Valour ................. Dam: Bramblewood Enchantment

CH Purebliss Tick Tock gained her championship at her first show when she was only 8 months old - she gained 3 finals at the Newbury TICA show 29th and 30th October 2011 and enjoyed every minute her weekend of attention.

Purebliss Tick Tock finalled as 3rd Best Shorthaired Kitten on Sunday 9th October at the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain TICA show. Tick Tock loved all the attention she received at show.

Purebliss Tick Tock enjoyed her first weekend at show at 5 months old - she finalled as 3rd Best All Breed Kitten on Saturday 30th and 5th Best All Breed Kitten on sunday 31st July '11. Tick Tock changed from an opinionated young hooligan to a gorgeous cuddly well behaved young lady this weekend!


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