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RW SGC Purebliss Gunner

Bred by Jacky Bliss of Purebliss Bengals, Gunner is a Seal Spotted Lynx Bengal male with lovely rosetting - strong muscular boy with puffy whisker pads, good profile with strong back scull, and wonderful blue eyes. The icing on the cake is his great attitude to life. We have been informed by his owner that Gunner is now retired and neutered.

13th Allbreed Cat in our region * 4th Best Bengal in our region * BEST Seal Spotted Lynx Bengal in our region in 2012 - Purebliss Gunner also ended up 17th Best Bengal in the world of TICA.

HCM screened negative! 

SGC Purebliss Gunner -

Milton Keynes TICA show - Sunday - 8th Best allbreed cat with Mrs Lawson - 8th Best Speciality Cat with Mr Lawson.

SGC Purebliss Gunner - Irish TICA show in Dublin March '13

Saturday - Best Allbreed Cat with Pamela Barrett * 10th Best speciality cat in ring 4.

Sunday - 2nd Best allbreed cat with Pamela Barrett * also male congress ring with Pamela Barrett * 7th best speciality ring 4 * 6th best speciality with Valerie Davidson.


SGC Purebliss Gunner - Swanley TICA show

2nd March 2013 - 2nd Allbreed Cat with Pascal Remy giving him the extra points needed to complete his supreme title.

3rd March 2013 - 4th Best allbreed cat with PR. 2nd Best Speciality with Jane Allen, 7th Best allbreed cat with PP.



Purebliss Gunner - Doncaster TICA show -

16th February 2013 - BEST SPECIALITY CAT with Jane Allen, 6th Best allbreed cat with Francine Hicks.

17th February 2013 - 2nd Best Speciality cat with Jane Allen.


Milton Keynes TICA show:

2nd February 2013 - Gunner was placed 2nd Best Allbreed Cat by Pascal Remy making Gunner a Quad Grand Champion.

3rd February - Gunner was given BEST ALLBREED CAT in show by Pascal Remy giving Gunner that all important BEST CAT ready for his supreme title - now we await those all important extra points to give him the title of Supreme Grand Champion.


Peterborough TICA show -

19th January 2013 - Jane Allen finalled Purebliss Gunner as her Best Shorthair Cat.

20th Jan. '13 - Jane Allen finalled Gunner as her Best Shorthair Cat.

making Gunner a Quad Grand Champion.


TICA Coventry Christmas show -

14th December, Friday - Gunner finalled 2nd Best Allbreed Cat with RW, 5th Best Allbreed cat with MA, 8th Best Allbreed cat with BR.

15th December, Saturday - Gunner finalled 2nd Best Allbreed cat with PR, 6th Best Allbreed cat with RW, 4th Best Speciality with VB.

16th December, Sunday - Gunner finalled 3rd Best Allbreed cat with PR, 5th Best Allbreed cat with RW, 9th Best Speciality with VB.

making Gunner a Triple Grand Champion with enough finals for his Quad although he is still waiting for those few extra points to make a total of 4,000 points required for Quad Grand Champion in England.


CH Purebliss Gunner gained his championship title with the final as 7th Best Cat All Breed with Mary-Lise de Landtsheer on Saturday 24th November at TICA show in Doncaster making him a Champion with TICA.


Purebliss Gunner - 27th / 28th October Newbury TICA show.

5 finals over the weekend, and two of those finals with Pamela Barrett.


6th and 7th October 2012 - Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain TICA show in Solihull, Birmingham.

5th Allbreed Kitten with Vickie Shields.

2nd Kitten Congress with Vickie Shields.