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RW QGC Purebliss Cybernaught (aka Naughty)

Screened negative on 8th November 2011 for HCM

Naughty left us on the evening of Friday 14th January 2011 - we miss you so much!

NO fluid, NO growths, NO Heart failure - Naughty died of liver failure!

we remember Naughty for his achievements and the love and happiness he showed us - not for his death!

We decided with our vet to make his remaining time happy and bring him home rather than prolong his short life by leaving him in the vets on drips etc. Everyone who knew Naughty will know how much he sprayed - he never used his litter tray to urinate, yet whist he was in our home through December and January he never once sprayed. We know we did right and spent many hours nursing him. Tim would disappear for half an hour or so and we would know he was in our study with Naughty (this is where Naughty would curl up in the quiet). Even on the night Naughty died he pulled all his energy together to come and greet us for his last cuddle with Tim.

Our thanks go to our vet for being so honest with us - there was nothing to be done for his liver failure but we were able to make his remaining time a happy time with his family. Naughty died in Tims arms, he simply faded away and didn't wake up again.

Naughty is a Rosetted Brown Spotted Bengal with an outstanding temperament and love of people. His stunning looks and fabulous behavior (not to mention his entertaining mischievous streak) helped him have some wonderful success in show. Naughty is so much like his dad in body, type and behavior. Please scroll down for pedigree and championship certificates.

Naughty was shown as an adult for 3 months in which he acheived 4th Best Bengal, 13th Best Shorthair, and 25th Best Cat in Europe West.

Well Done TGC Purebliss Cybernaught - achieving 5 finals during the weekend of 10/11 April '10 at the TICA show in Brigg.

Naughty now has enough finals to be Quad Grand Champion but we are still chasing a few points to achieve this. So for now we will be happy in the knowledge that he has many more points than is required to make him TGC.

Swanley Tica show Saturday/Sunday 20th/21st March '10

3rd Best Cat in All Breed

3rd Best Cat in All Breed

4th Best Cat in All Breed

8th Best Cat in Speciality

Well Done CH Purebliss Cybernaught on achieving GC at TICA show at Leigh.

Saturday 6th March

2nd Best Cat by Pascal Remy - All Breed - France

Sunday 7th March

2nd Best Cat by Pascal Remy - All Breed - France

5th Best Cat by Alexandra Chisholm - All Breed - USA

CH Purebliss Cybernaught (aka Naughty) gained his championship at the Milton Keynes TICA show in February '10. This fabulously affectionate boy was judged:...........

BEST CAT by Bobbie Tullo,

3rd best cat by Hisako Yamada

5th best cat by Kurt Vlach (standing in for Vlada Beninya)

Purebliss Cybernaught (aka Naughty) finalled three rings on Saturday 12th (7th best, 8th best, 8th best kitten) and finalled 2 rings on Sunday 13th December '09 (BEST KITTEN and 8th best kitten) - TICA Christmas show in Coventry.

Naughty was his usual laid back self - lounging around, cuddling anyone who would have him - with his usual mischievousness - pinching every number card, colour/ division ticket and rosette within reach.

Saturday 14 November '09 - Elsacar TICA show

Purebliss Cybernaught had 4 finals - BEST KITTEN (All Breed) - 4th Best Kitten (All Breed) - 4th Best Kitten (Speciality) - 5th Best Kitten (All Breed)

Purebliss Cybernaught acheived BEST kitten with Francesca Gagern (SP) and 2nd BEST kitten with RP at only 4 months old at the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain show on Saturday 3rd October '09.


All photographs on this page other than the one taken when Naughty was 3 months old were taken and used with kind permission of Robert Fox.