• Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

PUREBLISS CATTERY - situated on the boarders of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, England. updated 18 September 2018. Our group of breeders are leading the world in the new Hybradised breed from the SandCat named with TICA as "MARGUERITE"

HOME OF THE MARGUERITE / SAND CAT HYBRID! click here to view Rare Marguerite kittens for sale.

BORN - Toyger female and male kittens are born healthy and feeding well from their mum.

FOR SALE - F2 generation FEMALE Marguerite kittens available for reservation.

We hold a DWA licence for cats with 50% wild blood and above.

Screened clear of HCM on the day of screening includes Purebliss Catchup // Purebliss Chapter // Arcticbengals Mimi // SGC Purebliss Glacier (at 10 years old) // CH Purebliss Pawsonality // Lusterlure Celestrial Swirl // Purebliss Kizer Shizer // Purebliss Poppycock // CH Infinite Purrbliss // Purebliss Flash Dance // Purebliss Daft Aputh // Lustrelure Celestial Swirl // RW SGC Purebliss Pleasuredome // QGC Purebliss Valour // RW QGC Purebliss Cybernaught // TGC Purebliss Optimus Prime // RW SGC Purebliss Gunner screened clear by owner // CH Purebliss Tick Tock screened by owner // CH Purebliss Strumpet screened by owner // Purebliss Bungalow Bill // Purebliss Fiction // CH Purebliss Hunting Girl // Dazzledots Private Dancer// Gazette Doughnut // Finegold Iduvi // Abundadots Katolat of Purebliss // Indykatz Major Bliss // CHA Purebliss Dejavu screened clear for HCM by owner // Mistybliss Joy // Purebliss Silverson // Mistymogwai Lord Lewi // Mistybliss Adventures // Purebliss Tigers Eye // Claurdelune Starlight screened clear of HCM

Purebliss Cattery have a screening programme in place for Bengal PRA and PK Def - N/N shows normal test results in our cats.

Screened normal/negative for Bengal PRA: Lusterlure Celestrial Swirl // Purebliss Trinity // Purebliss Chapter // Dotty // Glaciers daughter, Ella //

Screened normal/negative for PK Def: Arcticbengals Mimi // Purebliss Pawsonality // Lusterlure Celestrial Swirl // Purebliss Trinity // Purebliss Chapter // Purebliss Kettricken //Purebliss Stairway to Heaven // Gayzette Doughnut // Poshpaws Hello Kitty // Lustrelure Orinoco // Starstudded Razzle // Purebliss Eyelette // Purebliss Obsession // Dazzledots Private Dancer // Purebliss Flaunt It // Poshpaws Team Spirit // Azanabengals Kool Dotty // Eriador Sewe // Eriador Hits The Spot // Purebliss Lavaflow // Purebliss Pussycat //