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Below are some of the many News Articles involving Jacky Bliss of Purebliss - we love cats, all cats, no matter their background or breeding.

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Notice of Intent in the TICA TREND 2018 - advance warning of the experimental breed "Marguerite" to be presented before the TICA board to start the progress to championship status. Marguerite is a breed progressed from the hybradisation of Sand Cat Trevor. See him on Purebliss Website.
Thank you to Catworld for printing the below article in 2013 - why I chose to breed the bengal cat - or maybe the bengal chose me!


1st page of Catworld article on Savannahs featuring Savannahs at Purebliss 2nd page of Catworld article featuring Savannahs and Servals at Purebliss

A huge thank you to Catworld for this fabulous article on the Savannah Cats featuring Savannahs and Servals here at Purebliss Cattery.

A1Savannahs Iiusion shown at the top left of the opposite page - retired queen living with us at Purebliss.

Tim is shown here with A1Savannah Bolivia and A1Savannah Guadeloupe imported from US.


3rd page of Catworld article showing Purebliss Battle Cat with his mum A1Savannahs Energy

4th page of Catworld article on Savannahs showing the difference between Savannahs and Bengals featuring QGC Purebliss Valour and A1Savannahs Penelope

A1Savannahs Iiusion shown top right is now retired and living with us at Purebliss Cattery.

A1Savannahs Energy shown bottom left with her son Purebliss Battle Cat - retired studs living in pet homes.

Differences between Savannahs and Bengals showing our home bred boy QGC Purebliss Valour retired Bengal stud, and A1Savannahs Penelope.

article apeared in the Grantham Journal during June 2006 regarding the open day held at Purebliss, white house cattery, in aid of Life for Cats Rescue

The Grantham Journal kindly allowed their cartoonist to produce and publish this wonderful cartoon about our open day here at Purebliss, White House Cattery. All funds raised were donated to Life For Cats Rescue Group.

Click onto the cartoon for an enlargement and then click onto the back arrow to return to this page.

Article shown in the Finacial Mail on Sunday during 2007

This was an article in the Financial Mail on Sunday in September 2007. Please click onto the article to enlarge in order that you may read the article, then click onto the back button to return to this page.

The boarding cattery featured in this article became a quarantine facility for a time, then we changed it back into a boarding cattery again. We missed the daily contact with our clients both 2 legged and four legged.

Jacky Bliss is shown in the photograph sitting with SGC Purebliss Glacier a rosetted Seal Spotted Lynx Bengal.

A Seal Lynx is also know under GCCF rules as a Blue Eyed Snow Spotted Bengal.

Article apeared in the Citizen during May 2006 about a male cat that we found a home for.  Jojo was made homeless after being rescued from a fire at his home.

Jojo is a wonderful Brown Tabby male household pet who found himself homeless after being rescued from the fire in his home. Life for Cats found him a wonderful new home in a village near Grantham.

Jojo is shown here in the arms of Jacky Bliss of Purebliss Bengals, one of the founders of Life For Cats.

article in the grantham journal in year 2000

A ferrel queen and her kitten needed help so we rushed back from a weekend break inin York to help - we named the kitten Kitkat. Now living as a much loved pet in a home in Grantham, Kitkat has now been renamed Joshua James. His mother, once she was nursed back to health, was rehomed back to her ferrel life in someone's garden to be fed regularly and kept an eye on.

Kitkat's mum was in a bad way and he was a day old when he was found laying next to his Uncle who was trying to look after him the best way he could by keeping him warm whilst kitkat's mum tried to regain her strength. Luckily they were found and our daughter was able to rush Kitkat and his mum to the vet. His Mum was operated on and her dead kittens were removed. She was treated and we took her home to nurse her back to health. We then proceeded to hand raise Kitkat until his mum was well enough to take over from us.

  article in grantham journal  

An article printed in the Grantham Journal newspaper about Ben. Ben was a black and white household pet brought to us as a starvation case. He had lost the will to live and refused to eat or drink. we spoon fed him with mashed food and syringe fed him with water and slushy food, also injecting fluids under his skin to hydrate him.

It took us 3 days to remove over 20 ticks from him whilst he lay there quietly allowing us to do everything.

Eventually Ben started to eat and drink again and was soon back to full health and able to run around and enjoy a full life as a much loved pet.