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Marguerites are a rare breed bred down from a Sandcat - A Sandcat is a small desert dwelling cat found in the deserts of the world. They are bred to be an indoor cat only as they are not wise to the world, and are a very soft natured cat. They do not like to be on thier own and so we do not sell them to be an only pet.

The "S" showing in the letter part of the registration number is important to show an outcross to a different sub-species.

Below are some of our adult Marguerites. F2 onwards have a stable temperament with a loving Character retaining the kitten look into adult hood.

This is Marguerite Marge - her TICA number starts with A1S showing she is first outcross from the SandCat, therefore, the kittens she produces are F2 generation from the SandCat. The first photograph below shows her at a year old, the second below shows her at 2 year old. A slowly develping breed.

Below there are two photographs of "Lumps" one of our Marguerite Studs - keeping his kitten looks into his adult life.
Below is Marguerite Sandy - F1 Sand Cat Hybrid who is a real sweetheart! He still has a kitten look to his face even as an adult.


This is Marguerite Desi - he is 2nd generation from the SandCat - love this boys eyes and kitten look even as an adult!

Marguerite Homer is a gorgeous boy who loves our Julie who is a regular visitor to Purebliss Cattery - as soon as she sits down he is on her knee, yet he will snub you or me.