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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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These are VERY SPECIAL AND VERY SWEET NATURED CATS / KITTENS - PETS will leave us neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, with their pedigree, and TICA paperwork, and insured for 4 weeks from day of departure. Please enquire for NON-STANDARD MARGUERITES that may cost less. Page updated 10th June 2018.

Marguerites are bred to resemble their ancestor the SAND CAT - bred to be an indoor cat only, and needs another pet as company. Please enquire for Marguerites with breeding rights.

F2 generation Marguerite / Sand Cat Hybrid - female - shown in our lounge -

Stunning girl has kept her small size and ticking up nicely whilst retaining shadow markings on her body and leg barring.


F2 generation Marguerite /Sand Cat Hybrid - female - £5,000




F3 Marguerite / Sand Cat Hybrid kittens - PET ONLY £1,000 each