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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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FOR SALE - SANDCAT HYBRIDS by Purebliss Marguerites

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These very special pets will leave us neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, with their pedigree, and TICA paperwork, and insured for 4 weeks from day of departure. page updated 23rd October 2017

Marguerites are bred to resemble their ancestor the Sandcat - bred to be an indoor cat only as they are not wise to the world, and are a very soft natured cat. They do not like to be on thier own and so we do not sell them to be an only pet.

FOR SALE - Gorgeous MALE and FEMALE Marguerite Kittens available for reservation - gentle, playful, loving kittens. These SandCat Hybrids are second generation from the SandCat.

FOR SALE - Stunning F3 generation Marguerite male Kitten available for reservation - Sired by F2 Marguerite Desi. You know you have got this boy - he is fabulous and will not leave you alone. Playful, cuddly and purrs like the treasure he is - a real little mischief! £2,000 pet price. This boy would make an excellant stud for a silver Marguerite breeding programme.

FOR SALE - striking MALE MARGUERITE kitten available for reservation. This gorgeous Marguerite boy is third generation from the Sand Cat.

FOR SALE - 2 Gorgeous MALE Marguerite Kittens neutered and ready to go to pet homes - Sired by Marguerite Desi. If you can't face paying the normal £2,000 for SandCat Hybrid pets, then this is your chance to own a SandCat hybrid at a reasonable price. These 2 boys are NON-STANDARD SandCat Hybrids and as such are a more affordable £500 each.

RESERVED - Stunning Silver MALE Marguerite Kitten Sired by Marguerite Desi.