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A Sand Cat (Felis Margarita) is a small desert dwelling cat found living in true desert areas of the world - they can be found in sandy as well as rocky terrains. Sited in the deserts of Northern Africa, South West and Central Asia there apears to be 4 sub species of Sand Cat. The Sand Cat that was previously classified as Near Threatened has now been downgraded to LEAST CONCERN, that said, there are many threats to the Eco Systems where it resides and a close watch on the species should be undertaken to ensure its existence in the future.

The Sand Cat inhabit burrows, and will even occupy burrows which have been abandoned by fox and porcupine and will enlarge burrows previously occupyed by gerbils and other rodents so they can live in them. Although Sand Cats will bathe in the winter sun during the daytime, in the hot season they will become nocternal.

Marguerites are an experimental breed with TICA. A Marguerite is a hybrid between a Sand Cat and a normal domestic cat. We have been able to succesfully breed Marguerites and we are now into the fourth generation down from the Sand Cat with healthy kittens, as well as breeding Marguerite to Marguerite cats. Carefully selecting the domestic cats we use and only breeding from tehose with good health adn temperament which is a priority in our breeding programme. This will ensure that the off-spring produced have no problems with upper respiratory issues which the Sand Cat can suffer.

We hope to produce a cat which resembles the Sand Cat to bring forth an awareness of this desert cat and hopefully help to ensure its survival in the future.

Click here to view our SANDCAT HYBRIDS by Purebliss Marguerites

These VERY SPECIAL AND VERY SWEET NATURED CATS AND KITTENS - PETS will leave us neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, with their pedigree, and TICA paperwork, and insured for 4 weeks from day of departure.

Marguerites are bred to resemble their ancestor the SAND CAT - bred to be an indoor cat only as they are not wise to the world, and are a very soft natured cat. They do not like to be on thier own and so we do not sell them to be an only pet - Marguerites must have company - if you don't already have a pet then cosider taking a retired queen as a companion at a very resonable price or one of our outcrosses with a marguerite temperment.


Above shows Trevor an adult SandCat and below shows a very young Sand Cat.
Sand Cat Cubs
Below shows our Sand Cat Trevor