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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

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  • Welcome to Purebliss Cattery

Purebliss Savannah Queens

Meet our gorgeous Savannah Queens - their type is outstanding.
We have brought together queens producing Savannah kittens with type, coat and temperament we consider the future of the Savannah Cat. A cat running around your lounge with the look of its wild ancestor and the temperament of a domestic cat and the hint of the serval high jump. Click onto their photo to go to their own page with more photos and details. page updated April 2018.


Tubs is a brown spotted F2 generation Savannah.

this girl has the shortest serval size tail i've seen in a savannah to date - what an outstanding look this girl has - a Savannah queen with an amazingly fussy nature - she shows her love for us - hehe! providing we do exactly as she tells us! giggles!

A1Savannahs Amelia


RW SGC Arcticbliss Eydis, is a very striking award winning Savannah queen, owned and bred by Jacky Bliss and Tove Ingrid Leines Lausund, working together for the future of the Savannah Breed.

Eydis - Best Savannah Cat in Western Europe 2016/2017.

2nd BEST Savannah Cat in the world of TICA 2016/2017.

2nd BEST Shorthair Cat in Western Euprop 2016/2017.




Arcticbliss Savvy is a striking F2 generation Brown Spotted Savannah girl owned and bred by Tove Ingrid Leines Lausund and Jacky Bliss - working together we have a prefix of ArcticBliss.

All the Early Generation Savannahs from our partnership are kept at Purebliss.